Living With Our Scars

Living with Our Scars

We all have scars, whether we have dealt with disease or not. Maybe we had stitches as a child and the faded reminder is still there. Or maybe we recently dealt with surgeries. Some scars are on the outside and visible to others. While many are hidden — either under our clothes or in the depths of our soul. 

These physical scars are reminders of the trials we have faced. We often cover them up and step out into the world with a brave face, yet these scars also represent strength and healing.

After over a year of surgeries from cancer treatment, I still bear many scars even though I took great care in using the scar tape and lotions recommended.  As I glance in the mirror, I see the small white line where my port was located.  It represents the infusion of chemotherapy… a lifesaving drug.

I also see the area where a breast was removed. I am grateful to have the tumor out of my body. I glimpse at the long whitish scar along my back where muscle and tissue were moved from my back and tunneled under my arm to a new location. I am reminded that part of my own body could be used to reconstruct missing parts!

Then there was the rash from radiation.  While this was a big inconvenience, (and thankfully short-lived) it gave me peace of mind that I was fighting my disease with all that I could!

Of course, there were many tears when I realized my body would never be the same. I will spare you all the details of my near sob fest when trying to find lingerie that was flattering. It also did not help that I had a wall of mirrors in my bathroom. 

However, through this process, I learned that my scars not only symbolized struggles but also victory. 

While healing requires much patience, we have the power within to move forward in the best way to ensure we are as healthy physically and emotionally as possible.  We are all in a certain process of recovering. We do not know how it will all turn out, but we can find the strength to carry on as best we can.  And that is where we persevere. 

When the day to day stuff gets you down, look at those battle scars…they will remind you of all you have been through and how you have come out stronger than before.

One thought on “Living With Our Scars

  1. Connie, Good words. I so understand! I almost consider hair loss a temporary scar and when it starts to grow again
    that is part of healing too! Thanks for putting these feelings into words. You described it all very well. Penny K.

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