About Connie

climbingConnie Clarke is the founder of Striving Forward Coaching.  She is a certified life and wellness coach and graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an International Coach Federation accredited program requiring over 350 hours of intensive training. Connie is also a Certified Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index. By asking powerful questions, listening without judgement, engaging the learned skills and connecting at a deep level of honesty, Connie is able to help her clients move from where they are to where they want to be in their wellness journey.

As a marathon runner, Connie understands the hard work and dedication required to be our best.  A non-athlete for many years, Connie found her passion in running after her three children were born.  It was a way to get physically fit, while allowing her to clear her mind and connect spiritually.  As a recent breast cancer survivor, she also realizes the challenges involved in regaining health as we deal with the physical and emotional realities of disease.

Connie received her Bachelor of Science from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology.  She spent years in various roles of Marketing including retail, direct sales, special events and non-profit promotions.  More recently she was a substitute teacher in the public school system before following her passion of helping others become their healthiest and happiest self.

Connie has been an avid volunteer in her community, church and in the public schools. She volunteers with the American Cancer Society in the Road to Recovery program. She began a Health Initiative in her local church and has co-chaired one of the Tallahassee’s largest 5K road races for the past eight years.  As a member of Gulf  Winds Track Club, she was awarded the 2013 Race Director of the Year.

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